About this blog

The Shared Narrative arose as the basis for a line of inquiry: how could rank and file teachers enter the national education discourse?

While the first posts tease out ways to enter the conversation for readers, they are also notes-to-self, encouraging me to enter more concretely and consistently into our shared narrative.

My own professional concerns include teacher community and professional development, mindfulness meditation, inquiry- and project-based learning, and technology in the classroom.

Personally, I grapple daily with concerns about the privatization of education as a product of the charter school movement, the rapidly growing influence corporations have upon education policy, the proliferation of standardized testing, and the reduction of students and teachers to their assessed numerical value.

I seek to connect with educators who have similar concerns and priorities so that I can find a sustainable path in this profession. Moreover, I hope to establish another node of the worldwide community of progressive educators I have faith are capable of shifting the education discourse.


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