Enter the discourse: An entreaty to educators

A humanizing, socially just and forward-looking education can only be created through mindful community dialogue.

That is the premise of this blog, the basis for my engagement with the profession in entering my second decade of classroom practice, and my entreaty to you today: please consider diving into the national education discourse.

At this historical moment, it seems that as educators, students, parents, and the stakeholders of education, it is up to us to establish a shared narrative of an educational system we believe in – for this certainly doesn’t seem to be happening in the popular media. At a time when teacher job satisfaction is lower than it has been in two decades  and our schools are in flux as No Child Left Behind wanes and Race to the Top waxes, it seems to me what is most essential is returning to our roots as educators, parents, and stakeholders. What is it that we each want of our educational system? What do we want for our students, our children, and our national and global youth?

I believe a dialogue stripped of partisan posturing begins with basic communication about our individual motivation for being a part of this enormous project of educating our youth, and continues with an envisioning of what it could be in its most enlightened form. I’ll share my view of this in my next post.

While it might not have been a part of the job description in the past, it seems more and more important that educators actively participate in the national education discourse in order to help direct it. And for the greater stakeholders of education, parents and students, it seems even more vital. We’re all walking this path together and have to ask ourselves the simple question: what purposes do we want our educational system to serve, and as a result what do we want our educational system to look like?

This first post is intended to initiate the conversation: How does one enter the often contentious, rollicking educational discourse in this country? How does one continue to engage in a sustainable, mindful, and helpful way? And finally, what does a humanizing, socially just, and forward-looking education look like?

Feel free to post comments, or do more problem-posing, below. I look forward to entering into dialogue with you all.

Stay tuned for my second post: “Finding your voice in the education discourse.”


About chrismazura

Born into the family business: education. Teacher of journalism and writing for new media. PhD student. Runner. Meditation instructor. Lover of cookies.
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